This week on FSFSF we spotlight comedy from Johnny Steele and DJ Real.

Lisa Keating

Comedian and event organizer George Chen talked to KALW’s Jen Chien about how he came to make laughs for a living, what’s unique to the San Francisco scene, and his recipe for making culturally relevant humor.

Philosophy Talk asks: Should satire have its limits?

Jul 24, 2015

Are there topics we should never satirize? Is there a well-defined line between satire and hate speech? 

Sandip Roy


What do immigrants carry with them to America?

Spices. Pressure cookers. Pickles. What’s far more unpredictable is what they carry back.

Jeremy Dalmas

It’s Thursday night and Nina G is about to get on stage for a comedy set.

“I'm a little too overwhelmed to be anxious,” she tells me before taking the stage.

Normally she performs in clubs and bars, but tonight she’s at SOMArts - a cultural center in San Francisco. The gallery is crowded with people and with art. A sign language interpreter is on stage signing her whole performance. Nina G introduces herself.

Under CC license from Flickr user Carla de Souza Campos

 Jonathan Chiu is an inmate at San Quentin State Prison. He was born in Hong Kong in 1982 and moved to the United States with is family when he was eight years old. Soon after that, Chiu discovered his love of comedy. Writing jokes helped him cope with adapting to life in a new country. And comedy continues to help him adjust to life at San Quentin, where he regularly does stand up.

Karen Ripley's "Oh, No! There's Men On The Land!"

Apr 23, 2015

The hilarious gay comedy pioneer Karen Ripley tells the stories of lesbian life in the '70s in her solo show, "Oh, No! There's Men On The Land!" opening May 1st at The Marsh in Berkeley. A gay stand-up before there WAS gay stand-up. Hear about the legendary Brick Hut cafe in Berkeley and all its 'dyke drama,' find out about the hot sex everybody was having with everybody, and discover the many characters in this coming-of-age story.