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Audrey DIlling

A couple on an evening stroll down Valencia Street comes to a stop outside Lost Weekend Video. They’re peering in through the big front window.

“I wanted to check it out because I haven’t seen a video store in a long time,” says Abel Martinez. “These days I watch a lot of pirated movies.”

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FSFSF: Shining a light on Bay Area comedy

Feb 25, 2015

The Bay Area is a destination for both established comedians coming through on tour, and aspiring ones trying to get their start here. Nato Green is a little different: he’s a San Francisco comedian born and bred.

These days, Green is helping shine a light on fellow comics in the Bay Area. He’s partnering with local comedy distributor Rooftop Media for a new series airing on KALW called FSFSF.

NATO GREEN: We’re pulling clips of Bay Area comedians, past and present to highlight some of the local comedy scene. At some point, the San Francisco media for the most part stopped paying attention to local comedy. This segment, FSFSF, is driven by my fury, quite frankly, at every reporter who periodically will run a retrospective about the great comedy days at the Holy City Zoo. And it was great, but we're still doing great comedy. And if you do not go see live comedy in the Bay Area, you have only yourself to blame.

FSFSF premieres on Monday, March 2nd and will air weekdays during the 4:20pm break in KALW's presentation of All Things Considered.

Richard Pryor got famous for his radical, racially-charged humor in the early 70’s. But the comedian didn’t start out this way. Back in the 60's, Pryor's most famous sketch was a mock grade-school production of Rumpelstiltskin.