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Thu June 7, 2012
Cops & Courts

Criminal Justice Conversations with David Onek: UCSF Prof. Emeritus of Psychology Paul Ekman

David Onek and Paul Ekman outside the Berkeley Journalism School

Paul Ekman, UCSF Professor Emeritus of Psychology,discusses how his research on facial expressions and emotions can improve public safety, the criticism he has received from colleagues for working with law enforcement, his discussions with the Dalai Lama about forgiveness and responsibility, the pros and cons of having his work portrayed on the TV show “Lie to Me,” and more. 

Paul Ekman Interview Highlights

Ekman on Criticism From Colleagues That He Works Too Closely with Law Enforcement:

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Wed June 6, 2012
Cops & Courts

Neighborhood watches grow in Oakland

Photo courtesy of Flickr user GHR2009

At around 10 o’clock on a brisk spring morning in Oakland Hills, Danny Cieloha and Esther Fong walk along Davenport Avenue wearing bright orange vests with a neighborhood watch logo and carrying cell phones, in case they need to snap a picture or call for help. They’re looking for  “anything that's unusual,” says Fong.

“Things like young men out of their cars, walking the neighborhood,” adds Cieloha.

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Mon June 4, 2012
Cops & Courts

The psychology of racial profiling in policing

Photo courtesy of Flickr user allan.rojas

Law enforcement agencies across the country have policies protecting people of color from being racially profiled.

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Mon June 4, 2012
Cops & Courts

Wrongfully convicted man still fighting to save his name after prison

Maurice Caldwell's conviction was overturned, and after 20 years incarcerated, he walked out of custody the 28th of March 2011.
Photo courtesy of: Paige Kaneb

It's the early 90s. Young people are watching MTV, their parents Twin Peaks. Maurice Caldwell is 22 years old and lives in the Alemany projects in Bernal Heights, on the same streets where he grew up. He works in an industrial warehouse in Hayward and likes to hang out with his friends.

But, he admits today, he was also a troublemaker. “I wasn't a choir boy,” says Caldwell. “I sold drugs, from time to time.” And, from time to time, he’d come in contact with police.

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Thu May 31, 2012
Cops & Courts

Criminal Justice Conversations with David Onek: Scott MacDonald, Santa Cruz Chief Probation Officer

Scott MacDonald and David Onek outside the Berkeley Journalism School.

In Episode #34, Santa Cruz Chief Probation Officer Scott MacDonald discusses reducing racial disparities in the juvenile justice system, partnering with the community, using data to drive decision-making, sustaining reforms through leadership transitions, and more. 

Scott MacDonald Interview Highlights

MacDonald on Partnering with the Community:

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