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Wed January 21, 2015
Cops & Courts

Your Call: Does Diversity in Policing Make a Difference?


Who are police today? On the January 21st edition of Your Call, we’ll continue our series on police, community, race and justice with a conversation about police departments across the country. The total number of minority police officers has risen, but they’re concentrated in larger cities. The percentage of white cops is more than 30 points higher than in the communities they serve, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. What does the police force look like in your area? It's Your Call, with me, Rose Aguilar, and you.

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Wed January 14, 2015
Cops & Courts

Black Lives Matter: What Tactics Are Effective?

Black Lives Matter protestors at Oakland Police Dept.
courtesy: BlackOUT Collective


Tue January 13, 2015
Cops & Courts

Turning the page after a life sentence

Greg Eskridge in the media lab at San Quentin Prison
Nigel Poor

KALW has partnered with the award-winning San Quentin Prison Report, bringing you stories told behind prison walls by inmate reporters. 

Today we're going to get to know one of those reporters: Greg Eskridge. 

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Fri January 9, 2015
Cops & Courts

Cannabis News Roundup: 01.09.15


Should marijuana be a Schedule 1 drug or not?... Home invasions linked to pot… Prices drop 40% in Washington… What Smokey says… and more.


Looking back at 2014 drug policy successes //   Changes are moving California “towards drug policies that are grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights,” according to this summary by the Drug Policy Alliance.

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Wed January 7, 2015