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Mon December 12, 2011
Cops & Courts

What to expect from the criminal justice system in 2012

Under CC license from S_falkow.

It’s been a significant year for criminal justice in the Bay Area, but many of the challenges have come late in the year.

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Tue December 6, 2011
Cops & Courts

California's murder rate drops


Earlier this week, the California Department of Justice released its annual report, “Homicide in California.” This most recent report, a good barometer for the state of violent crime, shows the homicide rate, now at 4.7 per 100,000 people, dropping for a fifth consecutive year to reach its lowest point since 1966. Other interesting facts from the report include:

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Mon December 5, 2011
Cops & Courts

How an electoral tweak is throwing California lobbyists into disarray

Sasha Abramsky takes a look at the criminal justice lobbying network in a new report.

In 2012, a big shift will hit California’s electoral system: open primaries. Open primaries, brought in by voters through 2010′s Proposition 14, will allow the top two vote-getters in any primary for state office to advance to the general election, which means we could see districts with two Republicans or two Democrats competing in a general election.

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Thu December 1, 2011
Cops & Courts

What will happen to California's medical marijuana industry?

Under CC license from Lukasz Lech.

Tonight, a show called "Weed Wars" is premiering on the Discovery Channel, and it’s entirely based on the Bay Area medical marijuana trade. The premiere has interesting timing: Yesterday, a U.S. District judge in Oakland rejected a request from dispensaries to keep federal prosecutors from filing charges against them. It’s the latest in a series of events that have been challenging California marijuana advocates, kicked off by Melinda Haag, the U.S.

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Thu November 17, 2011
Cops & Courts

Criminal Justice Conversations with David Onek: Gena Castro Rodriguez, Youth Justice Institute

David Onek and Gena Castro Rodriguez

In Episode #26, Gena Castro Rodriguez, Executive Director of the Youth Justice Institute, discusses the unique needs of girls in the juvenile justice system, using her direct service experience to inform policy debates, partnering effectively with probation departments, using data to improve programming, and more.

Gena Castro Rodriguez Interview Highlights

Castro Rodriguez on Building Trust with Youth:

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