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Consumer Scams and Issues Update.
Guest:  Joseph Ridout, Manager of Consumer Services for Consumer Action, the National Consumer Advocacy and Educational Organization.
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Scams -- Consumers be on your guard.

May 7, 2013

Scams - Consumers be on your guard. Guest:  Joe Ridout, Manager of Consumer Services at Consumer Action, a non-profit national consumer advocacy organization. 

Credit union serves Oakland's "unbanked" population

Feb 6, 2012

The main room of the People's Federal Credit Union (PFCU) is across the street from the West Oakland BART station. It's about the size of a modest living room. A few bank tellers are behind thick glass. A big sign on the wall announces “4,000 Members” in green lettering. This is where Sayala Eisner-Mix, the Community Programs Coordinator of PFCU works. She's about to begin a credit report review, her third one today.