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Wed November 12, 2014
Your Legal Rights 7pm 11.12.14

Criminal Law: How to Clean Up a Criminal Record.

Criminal Law:  How to Clean Up a Criminal Record.
Guests: Christopher Morales and Jeffrey Hayden, Specialists in Criminal Law who are Certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar.
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Wed July 31, 2013
Cops & Courts

Clearing a criminal record for a juvenile comes at a cost

It was a little past seven o’clock on a late summer morning in Fremont, California, and 18-year-old D was already running late. At six-foot-one, with black hair and designer glasses, he looks like an Indian version of Clark Kent. It was an important occasion for D, which by the way, isn’t really his name. He asked not to be identified, since that would have defeated the entire purpose of what he was trying to do that day.

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Thu July 19, 2012
Cops & Courts

Looking for work with a criminal record

With a Presidential election looming, the issue of the day is still the economy. California has the third highest unemployment rate in the nation, and that just counts people who are actively looking for work. It doesn’t include those who’ve been looking longer than four weeks, or the folks who are so discouraged that they’ve given up altogether.

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