Crosscurents Podcast

CAPS bridges the gap for Fremont seniors; living with HIV as a senior; and The Making Of... The Homobile. Plus, the Bay Area Composers Big Band.

The creaky wheels of the juvenile justice system, brought to us by Youth Radio in Oakland. Convicted teens must pay restitution, wear GPS ankle bracelets, and what it all costs society.

Beyond the pale of Parkinson’s Disease; A young man's music transforms personal loss and also public spaces. Plus, "Socks."

A new morality clause for teachers in Oakland's Catholic Diocese, stopping child sex trafficking, this week's Audiograph sound of the week, and managing editor Martina Castro's last day at KALW.

Fracking in California, Part 2; free WiFi in San Francisco, Bay Area musician A1, and local musicians Jeremiah Johnson and the Soulmates.

City College of San Francisco gets its accreditation back, part 4 in our Bayview-Hunter's Point redevelopment series, talking people down from jumping off the Golden Gate bridge, this week's Audiograph game answer, and local musician Todd Sickafoose

The second part of our Bayview-Hunter's Point redevelopment series, re-identifying Berkeley's image, a Hear Here about a company dedicated to helping East Oakland children, and local musicians Ultra World X-tet.

Laura's Law and a debate on how we should care for people suffering from mental illness, this week's Audiograph game answer, and local musician Mal Sharpe.

A homeless memorial, ways San Francisco is tackling homelessness, getting women into the auto mechanic profession, and local musicians The Marin Symphony.