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3/17: Body Cameras

Mar 17, 2016

Crosscurrents: August 14, 2013

Aug 14, 2013

The political and cultural consequences of choosing to be childless, a Richmond exhibit explores childcare's wartime origins, Solvatur Ambulando, and local musicians Eric and Erica.

Crosscurrents: July 18, 2013

Jul 18, 2013

The social work of Meals on Wheels, an interview with San Francisco's poet laureate Alejandro Murguia, and singer Kelly McFarling on the importance of San Francisco as home.

Crosscurrents: July 15, 2013

Jul 15, 2013

The Bay Area's reaction to the Zimmerman verdict, remembering the oft-forgotten people who die in San Francisco's Tenderloin, Richmond fights the banks over home foreclosures, and local musicians Down & Outlaws.

Crosscurrents: June 24, 2013

Jun 24, 2013

The Citizens Police Review Board in Oakland: who's policing the police? Plus local musicians The Void Boys.

Crosscurrents: June 17, 2013

Jun 17, 2013

An update on City College of San Francisco, Nanette Asimov on how CCSF got to where it is today, students at San Francisco State talk about how the budget cuts are affecting them, California's education Master Plan, and local musicians RocketShip-RocketShip.

Crosscurrents: June 13, 2013

Jun 13, 2013

The final diary entry of a first-year high school teacher,  high school student commentaries on the importance of music in their lives, Will Durst on the NSA, the Audiograph answer of the week, and local musicians The Cottontails.

Crosscurrents: June 11, 2013

Jun 11, 2013

Part 2 in the diaries of a first-year high school teacher in Oakland, a high school commentary on lack of female authors in English curricula, artillery relics in the Marin Headlands,  and local musician Teja Gerken.

Crosscurrents: June 5, 2013

Jun 5, 2013

A special Crosscurrents from Mills College: not being able to afford to move away from violent neighborhoods, a family restaurant is a pillar of the neighborhood, and an African-American church adapts to its changing neighborhood. Plus local musicians The American Nomad.

Crosscurrents: June 3, 2013

Jun 3, 2013

A special on Oakland's Fruitvale/San Antonio district: Met West High School has its students do internships to graduate, a dating abuse program for middle schoolers, the Oakland School of the Arts, and local musicians Mad Noise.

Crosscurrents: May 29, 2013

May 29, 2013

New solutions to old problems at Roosevelt Middle School in Oakland, re-framing the way we talk about education reform, a Hear Here about an anime club, and local musicians The Sycamore Slough.

Crosscurrents: May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013

The beginning of our series on teaching kids with learning disabilities: Elmhurst Community Prep Middle School in East Oakland, and an interview with SFUSD board president Rachel Norton. Plus local musicians Black Mahal.

Crosscurrents: May 23, 2013

May 23, 2013

The Bay Area's plan for sea level rise, KALW staff shares the music it digs, this week's Audiograph answer, and local musicians The Fill A Steins.

Crosscurrents: May 21, 2013

May 22, 2013

Music! The Church of Coltrane, tons of percussionists, and an inspirational grade school music teacher.

Crosscurrents: May 9, 2013

May 9, 2013

  San Francisco's Homeless moms march on City Hall, Story Corps founder Dave Isay discusses the power of conversation among loved ones, one person's story of reconnecting with a mom she never knew, the Audiograph answer of the week, and local musician Thurl.

Crosscurrents: May 7, 2013

May 7, 2013

Not just the homeless rely on San Francisco's food banks; Beating the Dhol drums with Non Stop Bhangra; Bay Area Beats: DJ Atish on the art of mixing; and local band Picture Atlantic.

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Crosscurrents: May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013

Crosscurrents presents 99% Invisible: A huge controversy over a new UC logo.

Crosscurrents: April 30, 2013

Apr 30, 2013

"Question Bridge: Black Males." A video art installation that seeks to promote dialogue between black men and the rest of the nation. Plus local musicians The Pacific Boychoir.

Crosscurrents: April 25, 2013

Apr 25, 2013

Self-defense training for women, the San Francisco International Film Festival, the Audiograph answer of the week, and local musicians The Curt Moore Quartet.

Crosscurrents: April 22, 2013

Apr 22, 2013

Crosscurrents takes you behind prison walls at Pelican Bay, getting access to prisons as a reporter, and local musicians Voodoo Blues.

Crosscurrents: April 17, 2013

Apr 17, 2013

How the New Deal changed the face of San Francisco, the sailors who call the Berkeley Marina their home, how a graphic design changed the way ships cross the ocean, and local musicians Nebula Force, Go!

Crosscurrents: March 7, 2013

Mar 7, 2013

How the power of a photograph can change lives, pianist Sarah Cahill, L'Alliance Française in Berkeley, the audiograph answer of the week, and local musician Zakir Hussain.

Crosscurrents: February 25, 2013

Feb 25, 2013

The Ellis Act and evicting tenants in San Francisco, rental wars in San Francisco, The Money Diaries featuring young voices from Oakland, burning a piano at Ocean Beach, and local musician Amy X Neuburg.

Crosscurrents: February 11, 2013

Feb 11, 2013

A Crosscurrents special on San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

Crosscurrents: February 7, 2013

Feb 7, 2013

San Francisco taxi driver training, commuting by kayak, a San Francisco drum store is closing, the Audiograph answer: Cow Palace Dog Show, and local musicians Freedom Enterprise.

Crosscurrents: January 28, 2013

Jan 28, 2013

An in-depth interview on the idea of unquestioningly accepting the "natural" as something healthy vs. our tendency to have undying faith in anything modern technology gives us. Plus local musicians The Chaw.

Crosscurrents: January 10, 2013

Jan 10, 2013

Governor Brown proposes a new state budget, living past the age of 100, the Musee Mchanique and the history of arcade games, the Latvian Cultural Center, and local musician Brendan Getzell.