Crosscurrents Podcast

5/3: Islais Creek cleanup

May 3, 2016


4/26: Reclaiming roots

Apr 26, 2016

4/25: AB60, one year later

Apr 25, 2016


4/21: Qingming

Apr 22, 2016

4/20: The Emerald Triangle

Apr 20, 2016

4/18: San Francisco Night Ministry

Apr 18, 2016

4/14: Vying to vote

Apr 14, 2016

4/12: Finding magic behind bars in San Quentin

Apr 12, 2016



4/7: Women

Apr 7, 2016


  • The story of a foundation that addresses the aftermath of a police shooting.
  • A conversation with photographer Annie Leibovitz.
  • The mastermind behind a South Bay mystery mansion.

4/6: The Warm Line

Apr 6, 2016

4/5: Getting attacked for a paycheck

Apr 5, 2016

4/4: The Gig Economy

Apr 4, 2016

3/29: How to ask for forgiveness

Mar 29, 2016

3/28: Prison to employment pipeline

Mar 28, 2016


3/23: Tiny homes for the homeless

Mar 23, 2016

3/22: Libraries going beyond the books

Mar 22, 2016

3/21: Earthquake preparedness

Mar 21, 2016


3/14: Bugs and rot

Mar 14, 2016


3/9: Going Modular

Mar 9, 2016

3/8: The poetry of propaganda

Mar 8, 2016
  • Today on Crosscurrents: From This American Life, ​examining the poetry of propaganda.
  • H.P. Mendoza on being an Asian filmmaker, and the 10th anniversary of his film "Colma: the Musical."


3/7: Public trust and the SFPD

Mar 7, 2016

3/3: San Francisco's sand battle

Mar 3, 2016

2/29: Changing City

Feb 29, 2016

2/24: Black Bay Area artists

Feb 24, 2016
  • An artists’ collective responds to San Francisco’s shrinking black population.
  • A brief history of black San Francisco.
  • A tribute to a legendary black San Francisco performer.
  • A poem about Oakland from Youth Radio's Remix Your Life.

2/23: Living in a shipping container

Feb 23, 2016
  • Why shipping containers converted into houses caused a big fuss in West Oakland.
  • The story behind one of the Bay Area's most versatile jazz musicians.
  • Getting close to an instrument that inspires a special kind of devotion.
  • Poetry from Youth Radio.

2/22: Cat Fight!

Feb 22, 2016
  • Saving feral cats may be humane—but there's a catch, reports Reveal
  • Plus, a young Youth Radio poet shares a verse about growing up in Oakland. 

2/18: Gentrification-Proof

Feb 18, 2016

The last installment in our presentation of THE INTERSECTION, a podcast that explores change in San Francisco by zooming in on one intersection: Golden Gate and Leavenworth. We hear why the Tenderloin has stayed gentrification-proof for so long. 

2/17: Drug abuse in the Tenderloin

Feb 17, 2016

How drugs shape everyday life at the corner of Golden Gate Avenue and Leavenworth Street in San Francisco’s Tenderloin. We talk with dealers about the business side and community members making the block safer. Brought to you by "THE INTERSECTION."

2/16: Family in the Tenderloin

Feb 16, 2016


A young resident of the Tenderloin shares what it’s like to grow up in a neighborhood with a bad reputation. Plus, a inside a neighborhood union. It's an intimate look at life at the corner of Golden Gate and Leavenworth, brought to you by "The Intersection."