Crosscurrents Podcast

  • Hip hop veteran Tahajiye Edwards on whether a musical genre ages with the people who make it.
  • A conversation with playwrights Donte Clark and DeAndre Evans about their new play "Richmond Renaissance," which looks to Richmond’s future by celebrating its past.

5/3: What do you mean I sound white?

May 3, 2017


5/2: Living life with disability

May 2, 2017

5/1: International Workers

May 1, 2017

4/27: PrEP extends its reach

Apr 27, 2017

  • Women are slowly picking up a drug that prevents HIV.
  • A memorial to help Oakland's Fruitvale community grieve the Ghost Ship fire.
  • A waterway tour of a little-known island in Contra Costa County.

4/26: Governing in the age of Trump

Apr 26, 2017

  • An interview with former Rep. Mike Honda and his successor Rep. Ro Khanna
  • Choreographer Risa Jaroslow and composer and bassist Lisa Mezzacappa on experimenting with the interplay of dancers and music.

4/25: Exonerated

Apr 25, 2017

4/24: The Armenian Genocide, on the anniversary

Apr 24, 2017

4/19: Regulating Bay Area refineries

Apr 19, 2017

Listen to KALW's full show examining the health issues of communities closest to Bay Area oil refineries, and a groundbreaking proposal to cap greenhouse gas emissions.

4/18: Lost histories

Apr 18, 2017

4/17: The unsolved murder rate

Apr 17, 2017

4/13: Earthquake preparedness

Apr 13, 2017

Today on Crosscurrents:

  • Behind the scenes with community emergency response trainers.
  • The back-story of the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting on the Ghost Ship fire.
  • Can Bay Bridge officials lure the cormorants into the new bridge? 

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4/12: Curbing overdoses with Naloxone

Apr 12, 2017

4/11: Migration, refuge and religion

Apr 11, 2017

4/10: When coding became male

Apr 10, 2017

4/6: The future of legalized marijuana

Apr 6, 2017


  • How Berkeley protesters helped bring about the Americans with Disabilities Act 40 years ago.
  • A conversation with Elaine Magree, a theater artist who transformed her experience during the AIDS epidemic into a surprisingly funny play

4/4: Islamic Feminism

Apr 4, 2017

4/3: The Jewel of Oakland

Apr 3, 2017

3/29: Marin's sweeping scenery, etched in wood

Mar 29, 2017

3/28: Being Muslim-American in the heartland

Mar 28, 2017

  • Muslim Americans in the heartland reckon with the sting of national politics. 
  • A Berkeley foundation awards grants to Muslim-American storytellers

3/23: The unintended consequences of mapping apps

Mar 23, 2017

3/22: The secret world of cisterns

Mar 22, 2017

3/21: Post-Election Stress Disorder

Mar 21, 2017

3/16: San Francisco's new police chief

Mar 16, 2017

3/15: Perspectives from the Portola

Mar 15, 2017


3/14: Curbing waste in the meat industry

Mar 14, 2017

3/13: Presenting "The Stoop"

Mar 13, 2017

Why is it hard for some black folks to say I love you? The Stoop, a new podcast about black identity, explores the question in this sneak preview

3/9: Is the drought over?

Mar 9, 2017