Crosscurrents Podcast

A conversation with Oakland Unified School District's new Superintendent Antwan Wilson; how one Oakland school is getting kids to class; and local pianist Debbie Poryes.

Robotic seals comfort dementia patients but raise ethical concerns; a conversation with Jerry Kaplan on new robotic technologies; Robots for humanity: how technology is changing the life of one Bay Area man; and The San Francisco Girls Chorus.

The art of tombstone engraving, making a play about the crack epidemic, this week's Audiograph game answer, and local musicians The SF Bach Choir.

Corporal punishment, Oakland Interfaith Choir, a rapping principal in San Francisco, tearing down the old Bay Bridge, and local musicians Scary Little Friends. 

Mission High and Bi-Rite Market partner in a neighborhood divided; browsing Sky Maul; Imagining the giant hippos, monstrous sharks, and sea beasts of an underwater Silicon Valley; and local band Be Calm Honcho.

PrEP: Could a once-a-day pill end the HIV epidemic in San Francisco?; Unearthing Secrets of the Organ Trade; StoryCorps: Navigating patients to spiritual health at Highland Hospital; and local singer Beth Marlin.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Bay Area Fashion But Were Afraid to Ask:

3D printed prosthetics are fashion statements for amputees; Turning heads with that dapper butch swagger; and Getting fabulous at the San Francisco Opera Costume Sale

Guns! A Visit to the Richmond Rod and Gun Club; Jay Allison's reluctant relationship with guns; and how one Bay Area city is causing national controversy with local gun control.

Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math): Terri Winston and Women’s Audio Mission; Black Girls Code trains young women of color for careers in tech; and the Heart Wrenchers Auto Club takes women beyond the driver’s seat.

Shopping with the seafarers, foraging for fish in our own backyard, and local musicians Pacific Mambo Orchestra.

Calle 24 - The official Latino Cultural District of San Francisco; "Latino?" "Hispanic?" - the historic struggle to name Latin Americans in the U.S.A.; "Committed to Turning His Life Around"; and the California Honeydrops.

Creative writing inside of San Quentin Prison, this week's Audiograph game answer, San Francisco's International Hip Hop Dance Fest, and local musicians New Monsoon.

"Fear and Eating in Fukushima"; a conversation with Evren Odcikin & Deborah Eliezer about about the new play Faulted; StoryCorps: A bit of color in the darkest of times; and the Ives Quartet.

The last bastion of freak culture - Artists' Television Access at 30; Oddball Film and Video creates an unusual night at the movies; Women’s pinball league gives positive tilt to Bay Area scene; and San Francisco band Ice Cream.

Are San Francisco tech companies giving back enough to the mid-Market area? Plus, a program that maps how evictions are changing the geography of the city, and the story of one family who got evicted.

The Spiritual Edge: How trash, a cynic, Vietnamese immigrants and the Buddha cleaned up a neighborhood; StoryCorps: Learning from the dying at the Zen Hospice Project; this week's Audiograph answer revealed!; and local band Hibbity Dibbity.

A show on sexual assault and consent: UC Berkeley tries to integrate the new "Yes Means Yes" law, Alameda County DA Nancy O'Malley on why rape kits should be analyzed more quickly, a personal commentary on sexual assault, and local musicians Quiles & Cloud.       

Two Bay Area cities are the latest battlegrounds in the soda wars; a push to increase minimum wage;  and The Book Report: Kevin Smokler

Playing baseball at San Quentin State Prison, an ex-convict who helps formerly incarcerated people, this week's Audiograph game answer, and local musicians Shannon and the Clams.

In San Francisco, cars are the problem or the solution; a conversation with novelist Daniel Alarcón; an episode of Radio Ambulante: "La Balada de Daniel D. Portado"; and the Extra Action Marching Band.

Is the Bay Area in a housing bubble or a housing crisis?; housing on the ballot: a Q&A with reporter Liz Pfeffer; artist Martha Villa makes up her city; and composer Robert Ashley.

California's water bond on the ballot, a ride-along with a rural fire chief, Oakland mayoral candidates Jean Quan and Courtney Ruby, and local musician Susan Muscarella.

Who will be the next mayor of Richmond?; from "Wild Parrots" to "Pelican Dreams": a conversation with filmmaker Judy Irving; this week's Audiograph answer revealed! and local band Paige and the Thousand.

Changing education in east Oakland, bringing Oakland's mayoral candidates to the young Left, Oakland mayoral candidates Peter Liu and Dan Siegel, and local musician Earl Thomas.

Oakland's illegal dumping; a conversation with Brower Youth Award-winner, Lynnea Shuck; learning to ride a bike the 21st Century way; StoryCorps: a mother remembers meeting her adopted daughter; and Oakland band Lumerians.

Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz: A dissident superstar gives voice to political prisoners; harnessing the political power of "Nuns on a Bus"; Oakland Mayoral Race '14: Candidates Jason "Shake" Anderson and Libby Schaaf; and local band Hot Buttered Rum.


The high cost of phone calls for inmates, the disappointment of parole denial, this week's Audiograph game answer, and local musicians The T Sisters.

Regulating Cannabis in San Jose, Syrian jazz music, two more Oakland mayoral interviews: Rebecca Kaplan and Ken Houston, and local musicians Quinn DeVeaux & The Blue Beat Review

A talk with the superintendent of SFUSD, San Francisco Trolley Dances, and local musician Barbara Dane.

Making recycled water good enough to drink, the African Film Festival in Mountain View, two more Oakland mayoral candidates, and local musicians Ensemble Mik Nawoo.