Crosscurrents Podcast

1/2: Live from San Quentin

Jan 2, 2017

Members of the San Quentin Creative Writing Class present the stories they've been writing to fellow inmates and guests at a live event inside the prison.

12/15: Letters to Santa

Dec 15, 2016


  • Teaching immigrant parents English can help the educational experience of their kids.
  • What happens to all those letters written to Santa.
  • The story behind this week’s Audiograph mystery sound.

12/13: The cost of being a sanctuary city

Dec 13, 2016

12/12: Local surveillance under a Trump administration

Dec 12, 2016

12/8: Living in an SRO

Dec 8, 2016

12/7: Homelessness and mental health

Dec 7, 2016

  • Mental health problems are often a consequence—not a cause—of homelessness.
  • Nonprofit pledges to fund Street Spirit, a newspaper that covers homelessness.
  • One man makes a home inside a Tenderloin residential hotel.

12/6: Investigating the water quality of the Bay

Dec 6, 2016

12/5: The tragedy at 'Ghost Ship'

Dec 5, 2016

12/1: Social media's shifting impact

Dec 1, 2016


11/30: Mark Twain in the West

Nov 30, 2016

A tribute to the American writer Mark Twain and his time in the West. 

11/29: Making hospitals safer for older patients

Nov 29, 2016

11/28: The debate around doll therapy

Nov 28, 2016


Today on Crosscurrents: How doll therapy can help patients with Alzheimer's. An interview with an Oakland group specializing in Eastern European traditional music. The search for German-style bread in San Francisco.

11/23: Creating a space for women drummers

Nov 23, 2016

11/22: Shane Bauer on disenchanted white men

Nov 22, 2016

11/21: The WRAP

Nov 21, 2016

11/17: The quest for artificial photosynthesis

Nov 17, 2016

  • Scientists at UC Berkeley try to make fuel from sunlight, air, and water with the help of bacteria.
  • A new report about the health of the San Francisco Bay.
  • Sounds from an "Unthanksgiving" ceremony in the middle of the bay.

11/16: The art of soccer

Nov 16, 2016


11/15: Race, protest, respect and the national anthem

Nov 15, 2016

11/14: Mad as hell

Nov 14, 2016

11/9: Election recap

Nov 9, 2016

  • A recap of state and local election results.
  • An interview with Zahra Billoo, executive director of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Council of American-Islamic Relations. 

11/2: What exactly is a municipal bond?

Nov 2, 2016

11/1: Should BART be trusted with $3.5 billion?

Nov 1, 2016

10/31: Meet the Blood Girls

Oct 31, 2016



Today on Crosscurrents: The debate over legalizing recreational marijuana in California. An interview with local MacArthur winner José Quiñones, whose work brings immigrants out of the financial shadows. Two residents of the Mission reflect on changes in their neighborhood. A story of finding faith, and falling for your pastor.


10/20: Rent review board or rent control?

Oct 20, 2016

  • High school students at June Jordan School for Equity recover from an on-campus shooting.
  • Prop. Q is a small battle in a larger fight over San Francisco's approach to homelessness.
  • A San Jose homeless shelter opens its doors to pets.