Crosscurrents Podcast

Support systems in the aftermath of police shootings, SF rapper DaVinci, Belva Davis, and local musicians Underwoman and the Believers.

Cohabitation Show!

Monarch butterflies and the Mona Lisa; saving wild nature in San Francisco with Amber Hasselbring; and frogs in danger of croaking: fighting a fungal epidemic. Plus, local soul singer Goapele.

It's The Beasts and Disasters Show!

Imagining the giant hippos, monstrous sharks, and sea beasts of an underwater Silicon Valley; The Life and Death of The Golden Gate Bridge (In Movies);  what could actually collapse the Golden Gate Bridge; and 99% Invisible: Episode 110: Structural Integrity. Plus, local band HowellDevine.

The Spiritual Edge: At a ranch in Cazadero, it's sheep, spirituality, and science; A rancher fights for her farm; and this week's Audiograph answer revealed!

Teaching teens how to deal with tough community problems, misguided loyalty from the San Quentin Prison Report, what it's like to be released from a life sentence in prison, and local musician Janam.

What's the fastest way to commute in the Bay Area? Bike, car, or public transportation? Plus teenage suicide down the peninsula, and local musician Kally Price.

When the NUMMI auto plant in Fremont closed five years ago, thousands of people lost their jobs. Some workers had decades of experience — but it wasn’t easy to get work. A new car company moved in, but it was … different.

Did Robert Louis Stevenson have the world's weirdest honeymoon?; "Scurrilous and scandalous": subversive humor at the SF Public Library; and two Book Reports: Maggie Tokuda-Hall and Cara Black.

A show all about Northern California's delta: its agriculture, economy, and the people who live there.

Crosscurrents: May 21, 2015

May 21, 2015

A special edition of Crosscurrents with guest-host Matt Martin!

Fine tuning: the art of guitar making; How activists are reviving a historic waterway in Bayview-Hunters Point; Robots for humanity: how technology is changing the life of one Bay Area man; and The KALW Phone Room!

Being on lockdown in San Quentin, "passing" in terms of how one speaks, and reading braille.

Comedy Show! Comedians with Disabilities, a comedian inside San Quentin, standups, you name it we go it!

Sports show!!! The Spanish-language broadcasters of the San Francisco Giants, the Giants ballpark organist, and the Ice Guy.

A Spiritual Edge membership campaign show!

A special How To Do Things edition of Crosscurrents featuring guest host D'Arcy Drollinger! -- Witching to find water; How to be transgender in prison; A visit with the string whisperer; and the Art of grocery bagging.

Andrew Leonard talks about his new article for San Francisco Magazine, "Long Live The Empress"; keeping memories of Chinatown alive and kicking; Local author Peter Orner's Book Report, and local band Corner Laughers.

Mother's Day! An Iranian-American playwright and her movie-star mom, a Story Corps with a woman and her biological and foster mother, a flamenco dancer passes on the dancing gene to her daughter, the KALW Newsroom talks about what their moms taught them, and local musicians The Brothers Comatose.

An arts enter that's helping people with disabilities express themselves, getting on the job training as a young person with a disability, and a man with down syndrome talks about opening his own restaurant.

Everything you always wanted to know about menopause but were afraid to ask.

Local reactions to the death of Freddie Gray;  The San Quentin Prison Report: Expanding minds behind bars; a conversation with  documentarians Annelise Wunderlich and Richard O'Connell about their new film, The Corridor; and local big band The Electric Squeezebox Orchestra.

"Reveal" takes us into the hidden dangers of daycare; "Techsploitation," an examination of labor trafficking in the US; this week's Audiograph mystery sound revealed; and local band Waterstrider.

What it really takes to make your chicken dinner; a Conversation With urban farmer Novella Carpenter; The Book Report: Natalie Baszile; and local band Talley Up!

Vaping, the medical uses of psychedelic drugs, a Bay Area Beats with Phillip Greenlief, and local musicians Felsen.

Drought show! Dry farming, the history of how California was settled and how its population distribution is exacerbating our present drought, and local musician Alison Faith Levy.

The Armenian Genocide, and The San Francisco Treat--Rice-A-Roni--is actually from Armenia! Plus local musicians Bang Data.

Is Oakland’s DIY music scene in serious trouble?; Nurturing the creative seed: the artwork of Josefa Vaughan; and Meanwhile with Wendy MacNaughton.

Why are teachers leaving Oakland?; why teacher pay needs to increase at the lowest paying districts; two My Favorite Teachers: Herb Kennedy and Miss Grace Garcia; and local singer David Luning.

The Panama-Pacific International Exhibition, palm trees in California, and local musician George Long.

The Navigation Center: The first look inside San Francisco's radical attempt to end homelessness; "King Lear," as told by the fool; Audiograph's Sound of the Week revealed!; and San Francisco band Vinyl Spectrum.

How to solve the Bay Area's housing development issues; what it'll take to get SF's public transportation to improve; a Bay Area Beats with Howell Devine, and local musicians The Chris Cobb band.