Crosscurrents Podcast

Vaping, the medical uses of psychedelic drugs, a Bay Area Beats with Phillip Greenlief, and local musicians Felsen.

Drought show! Dry farming, the history of how California was settled and how its population distribution is exacerbating our present drought, and local musician Alison Faith Levy.

The Armenian Genocide, and The San Francisco Treat--Rice-A-Roni--is actually from Armenia! Plus local musicians Bang Data.

Is Oakland’s DIY music scene in serious trouble?; Nurturing the creative seed: the artwork of Josefa Vaughan; and Meanwhile with Wendy MacNaughton.

Why are teachers leaving Oakland?; why teacher pay needs to increase at the lowest paying districts; two My Favorite Teachers: Herb Kennedy and Miss Grace Garcia; and local singer David Luning.

The Panama-Pacific International Exhibition, palm trees in California, and local musician George Long.

The Navigation Center: The first look inside San Francisco's radical attempt to end homelessness; "King Lear," as told by the fool; Audiograph's Sound of the Week revealed!; and San Francisco band Vinyl Spectrum.

How to solve the Bay Area's housing development issues; what it'll take to get SF's public transportation to improve; a Bay Area Beats with Howell Devine, and local musicians The Chris Cobb band.

Fraternities and sexual assault, being black, brown and queer, rediscovering the divine after leaving the church because of one's sexual orientation, and local musicians Dave Miller Trio.

Live from the Tenderloin, sheriff blotter prose, the tangled tale of Haight Street; and San Francisco band Rin Tin Tiger.

Police surveillance in Oakland, today's Audiograph game answer, and local musician Judi Jaeger.

A Mexican-Punjabi community in California, how different Middle Eastern cultures cook falafel, a Bay Area Beats on Briget Boyle, and local musicians UC Alumni Chorus.

Life after the fire; This is Home: Journalism comes to the stage; Investigating Richmond's neglected public housing complexes; and local composer Hyo-shin Na.

Being a Jew in America, finding love, this week's Audiograph game answer, and local musicians The Friction Quartet.

April Fools' show!

Green Jobs 2.0, the aftermath of the nuclear fallout in Fukushima, and local musician Moe Staiano.

A San Francisco high school teaches robotics, re-segregation in SF schools, this weeks Audiograph game answer, and local musicians Pacific Guitar Ensemble.

A teaching moment on race relations at the Elmwood cafe in Berkeley, over medicating foster youth, and local musicians Ruckatan Latin Tribe.

In a warmer world, researchers say climate change is intensifying California's water crisis; upgrading San Francisco's aging pipes in times of drought; where will our future water supply come from, if not rain?; and Oakland band Brass Magic.

Bay Area hackathon brings tech to youth of color; Black Girls Code trains young women of color for careers in tech; inside a "SuperGirl Math" playgroup; and local singer Queen Makedah.

Everything you always wanted to know about Magic: The Gathering but were afraid to ask. Plus, San Francisco band Fossor House.

Brewing up support for a higher minimum wage; a living wage fight explodes in East Oakland;  profile of a low-wage earner; and local band OneWerd.

Water Show!

What's it going to take to get out of the drought?; a trip to the San Pablo Reservoir; the lifecycle of toilet water at the PUC; and this week's Audiograph answer revealed! Plus, one of Crosscurrents' favorite local bands, Hoxton Mob.

The Spiritual Edge: Afro-Cuban movement with meaning;  exploring the Latin roots of American music with John Santos; and The Book Report: Colin Winnette.

Tipless restaurants, paying restaurant workers a livable wage and benefits, film culture on the decline, and local musicians The San Francisco Symphony.

A place in the Tenderloin where sleep is sacred, Storycorps: Keeping a broader perspective, rethinking death with The Body Appropriate, and local musicians Zydeco Flames.

Crosscurrents: March 5, 2015

Mar 5, 2015

Inside Richmond's Immigration Detention Center; Angel Island's historic treasure restored; and this week's Audiograph answer revealed!

The marijuana industry in Northern California, and local musician Kendra McKinley.

Homeless veterans in San Francisco; the persistence and strength of the homeless here; and the north Bay musician Matt Jaffe.