Crosscurrents Podcast

The food that grows from concrete, the lives of migrant agricultural workers, this week's Audiograph game answer, and local musicians The Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir.

An update on San Jose's dismantled homeless encampment, The Jungle,; the New Jungle; Good Karma Bikes;  Hotel 22: San Jose's homeless bus, and local musicians Jimbo Trout and the Fishpeople.

The Spiritual Edge: A woman takes on the Church by becoming a priest; StoryCorps: Healing the mind through life and death at the Zen Hospice Center; Oree Originol: An artist honors black and brown lives; and The Book Report: Katherine Ellison. Plus, local band the Dodos.

Crosscurrents: February 5, 2015

Feb 5, 2015

Gentrification versus Jazzification: Birdland nightclub grows vision to spark jazz district; XL Love: A journalist looks at obesity and romance; this week's Audiograph revealed!; and local band the Tumbleweed Wanderers.

An adult playground in San Francisco, homegrown athletes from Oakland, Odyssey Works, and local musicians Bella Piano Trio.

Seniors getting together to form a non-profit "village," kindergarten vs. 1st grade humor, handshakes in San Quentin, and local musician Ben Goldberg.

The Litography Project Special! The Other Mission: a tour of the Mission's literary past with poet laureate Alejandro Murguía; the search for the real Maltese Falcon; Occupy Poetry; and The Book Report: Tomas Moniz.

The Searsville Dam in Palo Alto, a devotional form of traditional Indian music called "Carnatic," this week's Audiograph game answer, and local musicians ZOFO.

One night with the SF Homeless Outreach Team; The San Quentin Prison Report: Brother's Keepers: sucide support group for prisoners; and State of the Media: Dean of UC Berkeley’s J-School on the cost of a journalism education.

A show on passing: the problems of sounding (i.e. speaking) white, the gains and losses of racial code switching, and desiring to live in a society that doesn't automatically assume gender.

Welcome to the future, Sir: At the cusp of virtual reality; In "Poly Love," Julia Scott reports on polyamory in the Bay Area; StoryCorps: One mom, two dads, and one baby; and (Crosscurrents' favorite) local band The Low Rollers.

Treasure Island High School offers oasis of hope for disconnected youth; Bay Area Beats: Madeline Tasqin; This week's Audiograph sound of the week revealed!; and a local band named Waters.

Celebrating commonality at Oakland’s ‘Sushi’ Mosque;  how an architect designs meaningful space; In an old church, the Internet Archive stores our digital history; and the North Beach Brass Band.

Dog show! Breeders, handlers, owners, haters in San Francisco...they're all here. We visit the Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show at the Cow Palace, the SPCA and ACC animal shelters, the booming dog economy. We hear from a psychologist on the dog-human relationship, and from a person who can't stand canines and the whole dog culture.

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Welcome to Audiograph – the Bay Area’s sonic signature. Each week, we play you a sound recorded somewhere in the Bay Area, ask you to tell us what it is, and where we recorded it.  We reveal the story behind our mystery sounds every Thursday on Crosscurrents.

This week, it’s our birthday! And to celebrate two years on the air, we’re doing something a little different – a special half-hour birthday edition of Audiograph that brings together some of our favorite sounds and stories from the past year.

New law gives undocumented Californians a chance to apply for driver’s licenses, Walking like a Radical: A tour through a century of progressive South Asian's in the Bay Area, "Roads of Arabia": touring the ancient birthplace of Islam at the Asian Art Museum, and local musicians Taraf de Locos.

Navigating San Francisco’s pretzel bureaucracy; The State of the Media: Interview with East Bay Express Editor Robert Gammon; and turning the page after a life sentence.

The Ice Cream Bar: Frozen for years by SF's permitting process; San Francisco's Duboce Park has gone to the dogs; meet Golden Gate Park’s hairiest denizens; the latest installment of The Source: Boom time at San Francisco’s Presidio; and San Francisco band The Tropics.

Fishing for the truth on seafood prices; Author Lincoln Paine talks about Bay Area's role in maritime history of the world; an oldie but goody from Audiograph: The Alma; and local women's a capella group the Conspiracy of Venus.

A proposal to fuse ethnic studies programs sparks controversy; Jeff Chang gets real about race relations in America; preserving ancient Coptic heritage in the East Bay; and local musician Luke Sweeney.

The Grateful Dead Show! 2015 marks the 50th anniversary since the legendary band formed. Plus local musicians Cryptical.

An extended interview with new Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. Plus local musician Duckmandu.

The Altamont Pass -- good for renewable energy, bad for birds; an interview with Tai Moses, author of Zooburbia; and Martina Castro learns to appreciate the city pigeon.

Jimmy Carter's call to action.

"Trafficked" - Youth Radio's special investigation of child sex trafficking in Oakland.

Crosscurrents: December 22, 2014

Dec 22, 2014

The Intersection: Four Stories from One Bayview Corner.

Black folks in nature,  the history of African Americans in the West, this week's Audiograph game answer, and local musicians The Hipwaders.

Remembering those homeless in San Francisco who have died, a photographic book on SF's homeless, John Steinbeck's recently discovered short story, and local musicians The Jugtown Pirates.

Crosscurrents: December 16, 2014

Dec 16, 2014

Why are there anti-Muslim ads on our public buses?; Bay Area Africans feel, and fight, Ebola stigma; and Kitka brings the music of Eastern Europe to the Bay.

Crosscurrents: December 15, 2014

Dec 15, 2014

The San Quentin Prison Report: One Night Gone Wrong; preserving culture with music; Care to join me in a Mint?; and San Francisco group Foxtails Brigade.