Crosscurrents Podcast

Playing baseball at San Quentin State Prison, an ex-convict who helps formerly incarcerated people, this week's Audiograph game answer, and local musicians Shannon and the Clams.

In San Francisco, cars are the problem or the solution; a conversation with novelist Daniel Alarcón; an episode of Radio Ambulante: "La Balada de Daniel D. Portado"; and the Extra Action Marching Band.

Is the Bay Area in a housing bubble or a housing crisis?; housing on the ballot: a Q&A with reporter Liz Pfeffer; artist Martha Villa makes up her city; and composer Robert Ashley.

California's water bond on the ballot, a ride-along with a rural fire chief, Oakland mayoral candidates Jean Quan and Courtney Ruby, and local musician Susan Muscarella.

Who will be the next mayor of Richmond?; from "Wild Parrots" to "Pelican Dreams": a conversation with filmmaker Judy Irving; this week's Audiograph answer revealed! and local band Paige and the Thousand.

Changing education in east Oakland, bringing Oakland's mayoral candidates to the young Left, Oakland mayoral candidates Peter Liu and Dan Siegel, and local musician Earl Thomas.

Oakland's illegal dumping; a conversation with Brower Youth Award-winner, Lynnea Shuck; learning to ride a bike the 21st Century way; StoryCorps: a mother remembers meeting her adopted daughter; and Oakland band Lumerians.

Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz: A dissident superstar gives voice to political prisoners; harnessing the political power of "Nuns on a Bus"; Oakland Mayoral Race '14: Candidates Jason "Shake" Anderson and Libby Schaaf; and local band Hot Buttered Rum.


The high cost of phone calls for inmates, the disappointment of parole denial, this week's Audiograph game answer, and local musicians The T Sisters.

Regulating Cannabis in San Jose, Syrian jazz music, two more Oakland mayoral interviews: Rebecca Kaplan and Ken Houston, and local musicians Quinn DeVeaux & The Blue Beat Review

A talk with the superintendent of SFUSD, San Francisco Trolley Dances, and local musician Barbara Dane.

Making recycled water good enough to drink, the African Film Festival in Mountain View, two more Oakland mayoral candidates, and local musicians Ensemble Mik Nawoo.

An indie bookstore survival guide; Drivel: good writers' worst work; and conversations with Oakland mayoral candidates Joe Tuman and  Charles Ray Williams.

An in-depth look at what "affordable housing" means in the Bay Area.

Urban Shield: Training or militarization for first responders?; art mirrors life in rapper turned cop’s one man show; Oakland mayoral race '14: conversations with candidates Nancy Sidebotham and Saied Karamooz; Jazz Perspective: Carmen Lundy; plus, master tabla player Zakir Hussain.

Making scientific equipment accessible around the world, the documentary film "Finding the Gold Within", this week's Audiograph answer, and local musicians The Bernal Hill Players.

San Francisco street poetry, a film on dancing, destroying your car for cash, and local musician Pat Wilder.

The $35,000 Plumbing Bill: The adventures of a hopeful café owner; The Mill Valley Film Festival: "3 Still Standing"; and local band Sin Silver and the Avenues.

Oakland youth grow a taste for fruits and veggies; San Francisco's "Field of Greens"; Swimming from Alcatraz to heal body and soul; and local songwriter Jim Bruno.

Turning trash into art, San Francisco tries to keep artists in the city, this week's Audiograph game answer, and local musicians Alphabet Rockers.

Berkeley drafts cell phone health warnings, local author recalls his childhood in pre-war Afghanistan, electrifying the Son Jarocho, and local musician Lyrics Born.

Some seniors can't afford to retire; a conversation with Roxanne Murray, a director at the Senior Community Service Employment Program; getting around San Francisco after 65; and Harvey Scales and the Seven Sounds.

Food businesses boost employment in Richmond; a Nepali soup kitchen for the soul; Listen: San Francisco's Soundwave Festival; The Book Report: Cara Black; and Mal Sharpe's Big Money in Jazz Band.

A special edition of Crosscurrents with special guest Jad Abumrad! -- The Life and Death of The Golden Gate Bridge (In Movies); What could actually collapse the Golden Gate Bridge?; and a peek inside San Francisco’s secret SoundLab.

Harvesting fog, a former drug addict turned youth activist, and amateur comedy. Plus other stories about transformation!

A special edition of Crosscurrents featuring special guest Chinaka Hodge! Youth Radio: On Ferguson’s streets, echoes of another fatal shooting; a new admissions policy at Mills allows students with diverse gender identities to apply; East Oakland’s Scraper bike team takes over the streets “with a positive heart”; Commentary: Drawing up determination for a career in art; Bay Area Beats: Striving to be the Ellen Degeneres of music.

A Crosscurrents special! A San Quentin Prison Report on race in prison, and the original cowboys in the US were black.

Daniel Handler co-hosts this special edition of Crosscurrents! -- Two of San Francisco's most famed writers; the hidden history of San Francisco's official instrument; and this week's Audiograph answer revealed!

Crosscurrents: September 10, 2014

Sep 10, 2014

A special edition of Crosscurrents featuring special guest, comic Marga Gomez! -- North Beach tenants find strength and friendship as they fight to keep their homes; The last free ride: A pirate community goes legit; and Pastor Megan Rohrer: A shepherd finds the perfect flock.

A show on spirituality in the Bay Area, with special guest Wes Nisker.