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Family Law -- The Family Law Facilitators Office: The Family Court in each California county has a Family Law Facilitators Office to assist self-represented litigants in Dissolution of Marriage cases. Guests: Directors of several Family Law Facilitators offices who will discuss their roles and what their offices can and can't do for self-represented litigants. Questions for Chuck's guests? Please call toll-free 866-798-8255. This is also our once-a-month Call-A-Lawyer Night.

Family Law Dispute Resolution -- Getting a Divorce Without Litigation and With Less Emotional Stress.
Guests: Paula Lawhon, a Certified Specialist in Family Law; and Stacey Shuster, Ph.D., a Psychologist.
Listeners with questions for Chuck and his guests, please call 415-841-4134.


On the July 2, 2014 edition of Your Legal Rights, the topic is Family Law: Alternative Resolution Methods for Divorce including Mediation and Private Judging. Guests: Family Law Attorneys Mark Ressa and Eileen Preville. Listeners with questions for Chuck and his guests, kindly call 415-841-4134. 

Family Law: Divorce Options and the Collaborative PracticeGuests:  George Richardson, Certified Specialist in Family Law; Ann Buscho, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist; and Stephanie Maloney, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.Listeners with questions for Chuck and his guests, please call 415-841-4134.

Family Law -- Divorce and Child Custody
Avoiding Fighting and Other Unproductive Divorce Traps.  Guests:  Family Law attorneys:  Esther Rosenfeld and Douglas Robin. Listeners please call with questions or comments for Chuck and his guests: 415-841-4134.

Also tonight is our monthly Call-A-Lawyer Night. While Your Legal Rights is on-the-air, 7-8pm, please call the off-air number with questions on any law topic attorneys are prepared to discuss: 800-525-9917 for your private consultation.

Family Law - using alternatives to litigation and traditional mediation for issues in dissolution of marriage.

Family Law attorneys  Esther Rosenfeld, Jill Mondry, Lauren Zorfas, and Mu-En Steeg.

Listeners are invited to participate. Please call 415-841-4134.