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Thu January 9, 2014
Arts & Culture

At Berkeley: Interview with documentarian Frederick Wiseman

UC Berkeley Sather Tower
Laura Flynn



Titicut Follies was Frederick Wiseman’s first and most famous documentary movie. The controversial 1967 film details the degrading treatment of patients at a Massachusetts hospital for the criminally insane.

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Mon April 23, 2012
Arts & Culture

From anarchist to informant: documentary follows Brandon Darby

The San Francisco International Film Festival is now in full swing, with over 200 films from all over the world screening in the coming weeks. One of the Bay Area filmmakers featured this year is Jamie Meltzer. His documentary, Informant, follows the evolution of radical activist Brandon Darby who was involved in the high-profile arrest of two fellow activists during the 2008 Republican National Convention.

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Wed April 4, 2012
Health, Science, Environment

How will we adapt? Local documentarian takes on sea level rise

One of the most imminent effects of climate change is sea level rise – especially in low-lying coastal areas like the San Francisco Bay. To documentarian Claire Schoen, this story isn’t about the science of what’s going to happen. That part is settled. She says the question is how we’re going to adapt.

KALW’s Ben Trefny sat down with Schoen to discuss her latest documentary about climate change, RISE.

BEN TREFNY: What inspired you to make this documentary?

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