Dr. Martin Luther King


Tue December 23, 2014

Your Call: Your Call: How far have civil rights come since the death of Martin Luther King Jr.?

 On the December 24th, 2014 edition of Your Call, we’ll have a conversation with Tavis Smiley, author of “Death of a King: The Real Story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Final Year”. In his last year King was campaigning against many of the same issues we still face today: poverty, racism, and wars overseas. So what is the true legacy of the famous civil rights leader and how is it making an impact today? It’s Your Call, with Rose Aguilar, and you.

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Thu January 16, 2014
A Patchwork Quilt Sat. 1/17/2015 5pm

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday

On this week's A Patchwork Quilt, Kevin Vance will air his award-winning show about Martin Luther King, this Saturday at 5pm.  Listeners will hear a piece of MLK speaking, for a minute or more, then a relevant song to the issue he's speaking to.  The songs come from regular civil rights workers in the streets and the churches, and from popular folk musicians from back in the day, as well as today.

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Sun January 20, 2013
Arts & Culture

Turnstyle: How Dr. King changed the course of Star Trek history

Image courtesy of Flickr user Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., stanning Nichelle Nichols, was instrumental in ensuring that the actress continued to play Lt. Uhura on Star Trek just as she was considering leaving television for Broadway.

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