Wed February 5, 2014

California's thirsty almonds

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From our partners at the East Bay Express.
Dan Errotabere's family has been farming the dry soils of the western San Joaquin Valley for nearly a century. His grandfather primarily grew wheat and other grains. His father grew vegetables and other annual crops almost exclusively. But in 1999, Errotabere decided to plant his first almond tree.


Tue January 21, 2014
City Visions: January 27, 2014

Does San Francisco Have Enough Water?

Credit Eric Luebenhusen / U.S. Department of Agriculture

Does San Francisco have enough water?  California is experiencing a record-breaking drought, and Governor Jerry Brown is asking Californians to reduce their water usage by 20%. Host Joseph Pace and guests look at the Bay Area's water supply and explore what an even drier place - Las Vegas - can teach us about urban water conservation.

Producer:  Wendy Holcombe


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