E. R. Taylor Elementary School

Radio Poets 2015: Jessica Ojeda Paz

Apr 23, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area




Jessica Ojeda, ER Taylor


I went to Jupiter as fast as light. 

On my long journey I looked outside, 

it was a beautiful night. 

I saw millions of lights. 

I landed on Jupiter; as I walked around 

I felt different types of air. 

I thought, “what a beautiful place” 

I wish to stay

on this peaceful and clean place. 

I felt a nice warm air blowing at me. 

I wish people can live here

I called my family to come with me. 

Radio Poets 2015: Oscar Martinez

Apr 6, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area


The Right Words to Say I Love You

Oscar Martinez, ER Taylor


Too many words just to say
Three simple words. It takes time
And faith. Mom when I see you
I just can’t wait to say it.
You make me go to heaven,
I dance in the clouds all day long.

You make my day and turn
My frown upside down.
You have showed me everything I know
just Like a teacher.
Every time I see you
Make my heart come out of my chest.
This means that you’re the best.

Radio Poets 2015: Fatimah Abdolcader

Apr 2, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area

  A Rainy Day

  Fatima Abdolcader, ER Taylor


A rainy day, 

no time to lay. 

Get out there and enjoy it! 

Before you know it, even though you think I’m thinking it, 

there is. . . 

Not a rainbow. 


It’s ok, 

just jump in the puddles all day. 

Splish splash 

that’s how you made a mash. 

Stick your tongue out, 

lick a snowflake, 

like a whole cake. 

Wait, do you see that?, 

It’s a dream come true!


Radio Poets: Bridgette Marin

Apr 28, 2014

Bridgette Marin is a student at San Francisco's E. R. Taylor Elementary School, where she writes poetry and plays soccer as part of the AmericaSCORES program.  KALW is proud to bring her voice to the air during National Poetry Month.


Today I feel like a balloon going free

That when I’m blind, I can actually see

I’m a diamond so shiny, so bright

That I’m like the sun showing all the light. 


Today I’m a free land

So free, that I’m a new brand

I feel like a bank with money

Radio Poets: Oscar Martinez

Apr 22, 2014

 Oscar Martinez is a student at San Francisco's E.R.Taylor Elementary School, where he writes poetry and plays soccer as part of the AmericaSCORES program.  KALW is proud to bring his voice to the air during National Poetry Month.

My Mom

I love my mom

Because she will always love me

On and on

I will always love her

Till she’s gone!


I love my mom because 

Even though she doesn’t buy

Me the things I want 

That’s okay!! 

Only thing I want from her 

Is to stay