East Palo Alto

Angela Johnston


El Niño is upon us. In the first week of January, the Bay Area got more rain in two days than it did in the previous three Januarys, combined.  But too much rain all at once can be a dangerous thing. It can cause erosion, mudslides and flooding.

What Facebook's expansion means for East Palo Alto

Jul 7, 2015
Chris Hambrick


When Menlo Park city leaders wanted to add services for residents in their Belle Haven neighborhood, Facebook pitched in to fund a community center.  It’s located in a shopping strip behind the new Facebook west Campus, next to a Japanese restaurant.  

Teaching Mindfulness to At-Risk Kids

Mar 13, 2014


How can mindfulness training address the negative effects of growing up in poverty? City Visions talks with educators and researchers about an innovative program at Stanford that is helping kids address stress through mindfulness and yoga.