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On the July 19, 2015 edition of Work with Marty Nemko, I talk with Greg Sterling on what everyone should know about digital marketing.


On the July 9th edition of Your Call, we’ll discuss the Bay Area's place in the global real estate market.

When SF needs money, it holds an auction

Jul 8, 2015
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Public infrastructure – parks, libraries, roads, and sidewalks – surrounds us. But have you ever wondered how any of it actually came into being? A lot needs to happen to create a park – from coming up with the idea in the first place, to environmental reviews, construction, and of course, getting the money to pay for it. In San Francisco, funding for these projects needs to be approved by voters, as was the case with 2012’s Proposition B, which gave the city permission to borrow $195 million to renovate parks, including Golden Gate Park

What's it Really Like to Work at Costco?

Jul 7, 2015

What's it really like to work at Costco? Jorge Beverina serves food samples there and he was my guest on the July 12, 2015 edition of Work with Marty Nemko.

Plus callers called in with tips about jobs in manufacturing, and a question about whether she should follow her passion.

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What Facebook's expansion means for East Palo Alto

Jul 7, 2015
Chris Hambrick


When Menlo Park city leaders wanted to add services for residents in their Belle Haven neighborhood, Facebook pitched in to fund a community center.  It’s located in a shopping strip behind the new Facebook west Campus, next to a Japanese restaurant.  

Ezra David Romero

Central California fruits and vegetables are found in grocery stores across the nation. But what happens to produce that doesn’t make it to the market?

Ron Clark is on the hunt for what he calls "ugly produce." “It may be too large, too small, slightly off color; it could have a little bit of scarring caused by perhaps rain, hail, wind,” he says. “It’s just as good as what you'[re paying twice for at the store.”

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The light is low and dark orange on Oakland’s International Blvd. Groups of people cluster around food stands or bus stops. Some are playing dice.

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Billboards dot the landscape on Oakland’s International Blvd. Many display slogans like: “When I was in the life, I thought I was alone,” or “Teens sold for sex aren’t prostitutes. They’re rape victims.”

At first glance, websites like Seeking and might look a lot like ordinary online dating sites. They promise to match “successful, beautiful people” with each other. But in one big way, they’re very different.


On the July 1st edition of Your Call, we’ll have a conversation about labor laws and how they affect the explosion of independent contractors.