Mon April 16, 2012

A family lives through foreclosure

Rosa Fernandez and her children Dominique Ibarra and Roxanne Ibarra, at their home in San Jose.
Photo by Casey Miner

Since the country’s foreclosure crisis began in 2007, nearly four million people have lost their homes. In the Bay Area, more than 750,000 homes have been foreclosed. And even though the economy might be getting better, they’re still happening.

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Sun April 15, 2012
Work with Marty Nemko

Did Your Parents Teach You Any Career Lessons?

In today''s (Apr. 15, 2012) show, I shared some career (and life) lessons I learned from my dad and callers shared theirs. I think it was a particularly warm and instructive show.


Sun April 15, 2012

What Lessons About Work Did You Learn from Your Parents

On today's show (April 15, 2012,) listeners and I shared lessons we learned from our parents.  If there was a common thread is that many fathers, didn't explicitly teach lessons about the value of hard work, but did work hard. And rather than being dubbed with a pathological moniker such as "workaholic" or "unable to convey feelings," the callers and I agreed that such people--man or women--are more wisely described as unsung heroes. I think you'll enjoy this show. It was filled with heart and useful reminders. 

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Mon April 9, 2012

Steering businesses to success in eight simple steps

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Michael Bush is a Bay Area Native who works with small, local businesses through a nonprofit called InnerCityAdvisors. He's developed a workshop called “The 8 Factors” to help businesses succeed. KALW's Holly Kernan sat down with Bush to talk about how to make it in a tough economy.


Wed April 4, 2012

#1 Favorite Guest Returns to Work with Marty Nemko

I received more positive emails in response to my career counseling client Jeffrie Givens' appearance on Work with Marty Nemko on Mar 11 than to any show in my 23 years hosting the show. So, I've asked her back. She'll be the guest on Sunday May 13 at 11:00 AM.

This time, she'll tell how, as a U.C. Berkeley graduate, she coped with having to be a data-entry clerk...and what she's done to rise up. She'll also, again, demonstrate her amazing singing voice, doing songs from her one-woman show, Big, Black, and Shy. I'll accompany on the piano. 

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