Mon August 27, 2012

City College of San Francisco Fights for its Future

Banners and flyers on the first day of classes
Jen Chien

In recent years, all levels of California’s public education system have been suffering from continuing budget cuts. City College of San Francisco, California’s largest community college has not been immune to these troubles. But right now it's facing an even bigger challenge, as the school fights to maintain its accreditation.  KALW Education reporter Jen Chien spoke with Ben Trefny about the situation.


Wed August 22, 2012

The path to college for undocumented students gets a little easier

As the summer comes to a close, young adults are saying goodbye to their hometowns, families, and friends as they move on to higher education. But for those who are undocumented, the path to college is much more complicated, a process that many take for granted.

In most parts of the country, students without legal status aren’t eligible for financial aid or scholarships. There is also a lack of guidance from parents, because most students are the first generation to attend an American university. Then there is the constant fear of being deported.

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Mon August 20, 2012

Today on Your Call: What can we do to support teachers?

On today's Your Call, we’ll have a conversation with educators as they prepare to return to the classroom. With California facing another $20B budget short fall, what are teachers facing this year? If you are a teacher, how are preparing to go back to school and what are you facing? Join us at 10 or email How has teaching changed because of budget cuts? What are you doing to support teachers? It’s Your Call, with Rose Aguilar and you.


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Mon August 13, 2012

What does election season mean for Bay Area schools?

Flickr user Max Wolfe

California’s public education system is facing serious challenges. Continuing cuts to funding are fueling changes in many districts around the Bay, like school closures and arts and PE being cut. Two state tax initiatives on the November ballot would partially solve this public school funding crisis. So as we roll into a new school year, we’ve asked education reporter Jen Chien to talk to help us understand what’s happening.

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Mon August 13, 2012

Students scale back dreams due to economic reality

Crosscurrents summer intern and Burton High School incoming senior, Buffy Almendares

The first time I really noticed budget cuts was when I was a sophomore. My brother Aress was a senior at John O’Connell High School – and quite enthusiastic about going to Chico or San Diego State. My other brother Mario had applied and was accepted to Ex'pression College in the East Bay, a private school. While Aress received the letter for financial aid and added up all the scholarship money, Mario applied for a loan so he could afford to go to his school of choice. Both of them ended up with what seemed like a great deal of money, my family was really happy.

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