Wed January 7, 2015
Ethnic Studies

Proposal to fuse ethnic studies programs sparks controversy

Last month, the San Francisco school board unanimously agreed to expand ethnic studies courses to all San Francisco High Schools starting next fall. About 90 percent of the district is made up of people of color. Courses on ethnic identity and race-relations are currently being taught at five high schools as part of a pilot program initiated six years ago. District officials say the classes have improved the attendance and GPAS at those schools.

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Tue December 9, 2014

Antwan Wilson comes to Oakland school district with a reputation for change

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Antwan Wilson is the new head of Oakland Unified School District. Wilson spent five years as Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Denver before coming to Oakland schools last July. He arrived with a reputation for turning things around.

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Tue December 9, 2014

How one Oakland school is getting kids to class

A board encouraging attendance greets students and parents as they walk into Garfield Elemantary School.
Isabel Angell

Chronic absence is one of the best indicators of future success in school. That’s when a student misses more than two days of school out of the month for any reason. Students with high rates of absence have lower test scores, and if it starts when they’re young, they’re more likely to drop out in high school.

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Mon November 17, 2014

"Latino?" "Hispanic?" The historic struggle to name Latin Americans in the U.S.A.

Percentage of Hispanic or Latino (of any race), demographic map from US 2010 census using quantile classification bands (equal number of records in each class)
US Census US Census

It’s hard to define individual identity. For example, if you're Spanish speaking, what do you call yourself? Latino? Hispanic? Something else? Berkeley professor G. Cristina Mora dug into the  history of what Spanish speakers were called in America in her new book 'Making Hispanics: How Activists, Bureaucrats and Media constructed a New American.' It tells the story of how and when Spanish speakers in America got their own ethnic category on the US census, and what that iconic moment led to. G. Cristina Mora joined Hana Baba in studio, and Mora told her that story. 

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Wed November 12, 2014

The Art of Teaching

On the Dec. 28, 2014 edition of Work with Marty Nemko, perennial award-winning high school choir teacher Travis Rogers and his Napa High School choir are my guests. We'll discuss the art of teaching and, of course, his choir will sing for us.

Plus, I'll offer my career and workplace predictions for 2015 and my wife, Barbara Nemko, will probably try to tell me why they're likely to be wrong.

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