Tue April 7, 2015

Life after the fire

The destroyed building, alongside new condos

On January 28th, a fire consumed a mixed-use apartment building on 22nd and Mission. The conflagration destroyed more than 30 local businesses, and displaced over sixty people. Mauricio Orellana, a resident in the building, lost his life.

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Thu February 5, 2015

Daily news roundup for Thursday, February 5, 2015

People displaced by San Francisco fires gather to learn about their housing rights
Daniel Mondragón / Mission Local

Here's what's happening in the Bay Area, as curated by KALW news:

OPD Still Appears to be Targeting Blacks // East Bay Express

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Tue October 28, 2014
Arts & Culture

A day in the life of volunteer Fire Chief Steve Baxman

Monte Rio Volunteer Fire Chief Steve Baxman ready for action
Rhian Miller


In Monte Rio, a rural community on the Russian River a few miles south of Guerneville, volunteer Fire Chief Steve Baxman is on-call 24 hours a day. And when there is an emergency call, other members of his all-volunteer crew join him.

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Thu March 13, 2014
Health, Science, Environment

Fighting the Mission Bay blaze

Kenneth Smith

Two days ago, the San Francisco skyline was covered in thick black smoke. It came from a fire that tore through a construction site in the Mission Bay neighborhood. 

Tuesday’s five alarm fire was the biggest the city has seen since 2012. Ultimately, 150 firefighters responded, with almost 50 vehicles, and they used a lot of water. 

KALW’s Ben Trefny spoke with Mindy Talmidge, the Public Information Officer at the San Francisco Fire Department, to get a sense of how they take on a blaze this big, where the water had to come from, and and how much water it took to fight it.

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Thu August 1, 2013