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Tue January 13, 2015

Navigating San Francisco’s pretzel bureaucracy

Stanley Roth with his first cart in 1974. To throw off city regulators, Stanley indicated that his pretzels were "delicious, but not intended for human consumption."

Starting a small business in the Bay Area can be quite a chore. To be successful, you have to twist yourself into unusual shapes.

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Tue September 10, 2013
Arts & Culture

An olive branch for SF's street food scene

Amir Hosseini is a co-owner of the food truck Curry Up Now.
Tiffany Camhi

Signs of the uneven economic recovery are popping up everywhere in San Francisco: new businesses are moving into developing neighborhoods like Potrero Hill, the revitalization of Market Street’s buildings and soaring rent costs show one side of the booming economy. But another side reveals a depressed economy with Silicon Valley’s tech giants cutting jobs and the rise of homelessness in the city.

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