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Mon July 22, 2013
Health, Science, Environment

Life before and after Ritalin

Shannon Heffernan

Throughout her life, Shannon Heffernan had trouble focusing because of ADHD. When she was 23, she realized she couldn’t live that way any more. So, for the first time, she decided to take Ritalin – a well-known pharmaceutical used to manage ADHD. And she decided to record her experience of how the drug might change her. This is her story.

SHANNON HEFFERNAN: Okay it’s 8:15, I’m running late again, I need to be out the door in ten minutes. Shoot, where’s my toothbrush.

That’s the sound of me getting ready in the morning

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Tue July 16, 2013
Health, Science, Environment

How a baby polar bear made it into a Fremont living room

San Francisco Zoo vet tech Gail Hedberg poses with Pike, a 30-year-old polar bear she raised from birth.
Courtesy of San Francisco Zoo

For every famous name in animal science — Jane Goodall, Ivan Pavlov, Charles Darwin — there are easily 100 scientists you’ve never heard of, including Gail Hedberg, a retiring senior veterinary technician at San Francisco Zoo. Ninety percent of her job entails working in the zoo’s hospital, but the other ten percent is pretty different. Hedberg wrote the book on hand-rearing baby exotic animals.

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Wed June 19, 2013


Tue June 11, 2013
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Marin Headlands barracks preserve the Bay's WWII history

Spray-painted graffiti partially covers chalk message from 1940.
Photo by Mary Rees.

San Francisco is the city of the Summer of Love – a place famous for peace rallies and liberal politics. So, a newcomer to the Bay Area may well feel confused at the number of forts and military bunkers clustered around the Golden Gate.

Until recently, large parcels of land in San Francisco and northward, in the Marin Headlands, belonged to the army — which was charged with protecting what was then the west coast’s most important port.

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Sun June 9, 2013