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Mon December 1, 2014
Health, Science, Environment

Unearthing Secrets of the Organ Trade

Under CC license from Flickr user North Dakota National Guard

More than 120,000 people in the United States are in line waiting for an organ transplant. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, another name is added to the list every ten minutes. While health professionals attempt to come to grips with the increasing demand for life-saving transplants, Nancy Scheper-Hughes has been investigating the dark consequences of this demand—the global black market in human organs—for more than two decades.

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Mon December 1, 2014
Health, Science, Environment

StoryCorps: Navigating patients to spiritual health at Highland Hospital

Beneca Curry and Zhonnet Harper

From time to time, the StoryCorps team goes mobile, and collects interviews at different sites around the Bay Area. One of the places they visited was Highland Hospital in East Oakland. The public hospital has been around since 1927, and has since served thousands of patients from all walks of life.

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Wed November 26, 2014
Health, Science, Environment

Your Call: What are the hidden costs of carbon?

On the November 26th edition of Your Call, we’ll have conversation with investigative journalist and author Mark Schapiro about his new book, Carbon Shock: A Tale of Risk and Calculus on the Front Lines of the Disrupted Global Economy. He says the economic costs of carbon are often hidden, but we need to understand them in order to act. How are these costs effecting economies and changing our response to climate change? Join us on the next Your Call, with Rose Aguilar.


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Wed November 19, 2014
Health, Science, Environment

Foraging for fish in our own backyard

Kirk Lombard explaining how to catch crab from the Bay
Angela Johnston

At the breakwater bordering a yacht club in San Francisco’s Marina, Kirk Lombard is carefully balancing on two algae-covered rocks. He’s holding a homemade bamboo fishing pole, poking and wiggling it into rocky crevices. A crowd of people watch nearby, anxious to see if he will get a bite.

Lombard is fishing, or technically poke-polling, for monkeyface eel. He calls himself a sea forager, and every other week offers this walking and fishing tour: a two-hour lesson on how to catch your own seafood from the Bay’s urban waters.

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Fri November 14, 2014

Listen: Live from the Green Festival 2014

Rose Aguilar & Malihe Razazan at Green Festival 2014
Laura Flynn


This past weekend, KALW broadcast live from The Green Festival at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.Hear the broadcast hosted by Your Call's Rose Aguilar and Malihe Razazan featuring interviews with:

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