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Tue December 20, 2011
Health, Science, Environment

Food reeducation as a refugee

Ja Tu Marip, a refugee from Myanmar, is learning how to maintain a balanced diet in America.
Photo by Shuka Kalantari

Many refugees are children who come to this country without their parents. And many have little to no understanding of how to eat well in their new home. Ja Tu Marip is one of those refugees. He used to live with his family in a labor camp in Kachin, a northern state in Myanmar. But when he came to the United States, he encountered a remarkable culture shock.

Shuka Kalantari reports.

JA TU MARIP: Kit Kat snack size. Oh yeah, right here. Gummi berries. I like these a lot when I get here. And gummi worms…

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Tue December 20, 2011
Health, Science, Environment

Counting calories at McDonalds

McDonald's nutrition facts

Hungry? You might be craving that one restaurant in your neighborhood – you know the one. Whichever restaurant you’re thinking of, there’s one popular eatery that you can find in more than 100 countries nowadays for a good old-fashioned American meal.

MCDONALDS COMMERCIAL: Start off your day, everyday, with breakfast  variety at McDonalds! We love to see you smile!

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Tue December 6, 2011
Health & Environment

On Tuesday's Your Call: Green chemistry?

On the next Your Call, we’ll have a conversation with Elizabeth Grossman about her book"Chasing Molecules: Poisonous Products, Human Health and the Promise of Green Chemistry."  Consumers are becoming more aware of the potential health and environmental hazards of plastic products.  Grossman argues that green chemistry could offer a new manufacturing process that is “benign by design.”  So could we get away from plastic entirely?  Join us at 10 or email us at

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Thu December 1, 2011
Health, Science, Environment

Reducing nurses' stress pays off for Kaiser patients

Technology has done great things for medicine: Machines can help keep hearts beating and lungs breathing. Electronic medical records help doctors keep track of their patients’ treatment and prevent mistakes. But all that technology needs a lot of monitoring – and that can be frustrating for nurses who want to be tending people, not machines.

To combat this problem, healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente is implementing a new program to help nurses relax a bit, and shift their focus back to what’s really important.  KALW’S Christopher Connelly has more on what they’re doing.

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Tue November 29, 2011
Health, Science, Environment

The psychology of what makes teens thankful

Under CC license from Youth Radio

Teenagers often feel misunderstood. It’s a hard time of life – somewhere between childhood and adulthood, not quite one or the other – with a future that is at once uncertain, exciting, and overwhelming. It’s no wonder that they can seem ungrateful for what’s going on in the present – and that’s something researchers have found repeatedly. Youth Radio’s Rayana Godfrey decided to take that presumption on in this report on the science of.

RAYANA GODFREY: My mom would kill me if I ever acted like the kid in this popular YouTube video:

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