Wed September 10, 2014
Arts & Culture

The last free ride: A pirate community goes legit

The Entrance to the Gates Co-op at Richardson Bay
Sandhya Dirks

From the outside, Richardson Bay in tony Sausalito looks like a manicured sea of floating million dollar homes, bobbing up and down in orderly rows. But nestled in the middle of all that one dock stands apart: A squatter community of houseboats, inhabited by artists, hippies, and self-proclaimed pirates who for years have lived off the grid.

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Tue April 2, 2013
Health, Science, Environment

Hear Here: Down (home) by the Bay at the Berkeley Marina

Houseboats at the Berkeley Marina.
Courtesy of Flickr user jdnx // Daniel Ramirez

Roger Boyvey lives in a three-story house he built himself. It contains a complete kitchen, a view room, computer room, living room, master bedroom, guest bedroom, bathrooms adorned with stained glass, and a cat named Leo. In his neighborhood, there are just thirteen other houses like his. In this installment of our series of place profiles, Mary Rees visits Boyvey at his home at the Berkeley Marina.

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