I Am


Thu April 16, 2015
Radio Poets April 16, 2015

Radio Poets 2015: Roy Hodgson

Roy Hodgson, a student at Cleveland Elementary School, is today's Radio Poet
Credit AmericaSCORES Bay Area

I Am

Roy Hodgson, Cleveland, Elementary School

I am a balloon floating into the sky

I am from Pizza Planet

I am the color green

I am the ketchup on your fries


I am from a special country I call Nicaragua

I'm a meteor striking on the earth

I'm a S.S.S.P, Super Star Soccer Player


I am a piece of gold someone is looking for

They say, I am Roy, the boy, the toy.

Con safos!   


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Tue April 8, 2014
Radio Poets 4/8

Radio Poets: Alex Alvarez

Alex Alvarez is a student at San Francisco's E. R. Taylor Elementary School, where he writes poetry and plays soccer as part of the AmericaSCORES program.  KALW is proud to bring his voice to the air during National Poetry Month.


"I am"

By Alex Alvarez

When I feel sad I get mad
Like a tiger without food
My teeth are like sugar
That you put in corn flakes
With just the bright amount
It can be perfect!!

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