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Your Call: A day for book lovers, Independent Bookstore Day

Apr 27, 2017

What’s your favorite independent bookstore? Saturday April 29th is Independent Bookstore Day.

On the April 29th edition of Your Call, we’ll talk about the state of independent booksellers. On Saturday, bookstores from Mendocino to Maine will celebrate Independent Bookstore Day, with special events and unique publications created to mark the day. The Bay Area has seen a resurgence in independent bookstores, with some local chains growing, while others have closed down. How is your favorite independent bookstore changing? It’s Your Call with Hana Baba, and you.


Samantha Schoech, program director of Independent Bookstore Day on May 2

What does the future look like for the Bay Area's independent bookstores? Although San Francisco has more independent bookstores than almost anywhere in the US, many shops are struggling to survive. One such place is the Mission District's Borderlands Books, which will close this month unless an innovative sponsorship plan can save it. Host David Onek talks with the owner of Borderlands and other Bay Area booksellers about what it takes to stay open in the face of Amazon, rising rent, minimum wage hikes, and more.