Wed April 3, 2013
Dispatches from Kolkata for 4/3

Good Karma for same sex couples in India

India’s Supreme Court is yet to rule on the repeal of its anti homosexuality law. But just because marriage equality isn’t on the table yet does not mean a country like India doesn’t have its own way of thinking about all these issues.

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Wed March 27, 2013
Dispatches from Kolkata for 3/27

Can good laws come from popular outrage?

Protests in India after Dehli gang rape



The December gang rape in Delhi spurred such huge protests in India, a surprised government had to act quickly.

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Wed January 16, 2013
Dispatches from Kolkata for 1/16

Painted and Dented

Abhijit Mukherjee
IBN Live IBN Live

In the wake of the anger in India over the gang rape and death of the 23 year old woman in Delhi, India’s politicians have been all over the map. One said just because India won its freedom at midnight it didn’t mean women could roam the streets at midnight. But the reaction that really went viral came from Abhijit Mukherjee, a newly-elected member of parliament. In an interview with a Bengali television channel, he dismissed the women at protests and vigils as highly dented and painted.


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Fri January 4, 2013

Friday Media Roundtable: Protest in Delhi, Al Jazeera on US cable

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Mon December 17, 2012

Today on Your Call: Who Are The Emerging Global Consumers?

On today’s Your Call, we’ll have a conversation about the rise in consumer spending in China and India.  By 2020, Consumer spending in China and India is expected to reach 10 trillion dollars a year. Who are these new consumers? And how are they changing their societies? Join us live at 10 or send an email to How is the rise in consumer spending impacting the global economy? It’s Your Call, with Matt Martin, and you.


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