Wed March 19, 2014

Fasting from social media

From our partners at Youth Radio.
Source: Youthradio · Via: Darelle Brown
March 16th, 2014 by Darelle Brown Featured on KCBS My peers are addicted to social media. But for me, sites like Facebook became distracting and depressing. That's why I gave them up. A year ago, my Facebook page was constantly filled with negative posts about fights and deaths.


Mon April 1, 2013
Arts & Culture

Google Brain goes into beta testing

Since its launch in 1998, Google has evolved from simple searches to near total Internet domination. It owns the video-sharing site YouTube. It launched its own social network, Google Plus. And they’ve recently started talking about a new product, Google Glass – smart spectacles that take pictures, perform searches, and navigate for whoever wears them.

Google caught some flack for the futuristic – and downright nerdy – look of the glasses. So the company hired Silicon Valley startup, Bergoglio, to design and test the prototype of a Google Brain, which boasts all the features of Google glasses without the fashion statement. KALW’s Ben Trefny sat down with Alexis Channing-Sorkle, the first recipient of the still-in-beta product, to pick – or search – her brain.

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Mon April 9, 2012
Afternoon News Roundup

Connecting the Dots: Afternoon edition for Monday, April 9, 2012

Facebook has acquired the photo sharing service Instagram for $1 billion. Instagram is a two-year-old, 13-employee, San Francisco start-up company. They make a photo-sharing application in which one can add a variety of filters effects and share easily...

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