Year End Income Tax Tips for 2016. Guest: David Hellman, a Certified Specialist in Taxation Law and a CPA. Questions for Chuck & David? Please call toll-free 1-866-798-8255. Also tonight, we will have a CALL-A-CPA-NIGHT for listeners to speak with Certified Public Accountants off-the-air. While Your Legal Rights broadcasts on 91.7 FM (online 7 'til 8pm PST, tax specialists are available for private no-fee consultation at 1-800-525-9917.

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Hopes run high for statewide regulations… Teen use does not increase in legal states… How many hours a week do Americans get high? … and more.


Statewide cannabis rules could become a reality //   Assembly passage of AB 266 “is an unprecedented compromise.”


Marijuana edges out alcohol in Bay Area “impaired” driving stops… Why cannabis causes the “munchies”…  Video: Grannies get high… and more


Denver has surpassed Amsterdam as marijuana capital //  Society has not collapsed. In fact, things seem pretty normal.


Help for Preparing your 2013 Income Tax Return
Guest:  David Hellman, a Certified Specialist in Taxation Law and a CPA
Listeners with questions/comments for Chuck & David, please call 415-841-4134.
Also, this is our annual Call A CPA Night. While Your Legal Rights is broadcasting, 7-8pm, we invite you to call our off-air number with taxation questions for CPAs -- please call 800-525-9917 for your private consultation.

Year-End 2013 Tax Tips

Guest:  David Hellman, Certified Specialist in Taxation Law and Estate Planning.

Listeners please call with questions or comments for Chuck and David Hellman: 415-841-4134.