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Janine Brito

Kim Newmoney

Sara Schaefer performs Monday, June 12th 2017 at Doc's Lab in San Francisco. Find tickets here.

Janine Brito performs Thursday, June 8th 2017 at The Verdi Club in San Francisco as part of "Verdi Wild Things Are." Find tickets here.

FSFSF: Comedy from Brent Weinbach & Janine Brito

Jan 12, 2016

This week on FSFSF we spotlight comedy from comedy from Brent Weinbach and Janine Brito.

Brent Weinbach is performing Thursday night at the Eureka Theater. Click here for more details.

FSFSF: Janine Brito on there's a catch

Apr 17, 2015

The New Face of Out Comedy

Jan 22, 2015


Janine Brito is Marilyn's guest this week on "Out In The Bay," gay radio from San Francisco now celebrating its 10th year. Best known for her hilarious rants on the FX TV show, "Totally Biased,"  (starring San Francisco's own W. Kamau Bell),  Janine proved that at least some lesbians can be funny. She's in San Francisco for SFSketchfest, the annual two-week multi-venue comedy event. Thursday, January 22nd, at 7pm Pacific, right after "Fresh Air."  http://www.janinebrito.com 

Ameen Belbahri

Maybe you support the Occupy movement, or maybe you don't. Or maybe you take this point of view:

NATO GREEN: I want to be for the 99%, but I don't know if you realize this, that's a lot of people, including a lot of assholes. And most of us given the opportunity would be able to say, would want to be able to say, "I'm for the 99%, asterisk, except some people." And then we'd have our own lists!