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When I ask listeners what they like about Work with Marty Nemko, the most frequent answer is something like, "I like to hear you and your wife Barbara go back and forth on issues."

That's what we''ll be doing from 11 am to noon on July 1. We'll have some career-related topic to bat around and we'll debate how to respond to callers' worklife questions.

Work with Marty Nemko is heard every Sunday from 11 am to noon on 91.7 FM, KALW, San Francisco.

On Work with Marty Nemko on Sunday May 20 from 11 am to noon, Drs. Marty and Barbara Nemko debate these questions:

How do you assess whether you're competent enough at your job?

How do you assess when it's time to ask for a raise or promotion?

How do you decide whether to pursue a creative career or a less risky option?

How do you assess if you have a personality problem that's damaging your career?

How do you know when to quit your job?

How do you decide whether to go back to school?

I discussed new, no-and-low-cost ways to improve workplace morale plus I did three-minute Workovers on caller