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Wed January 14, 2015
career advice

Career Lessons in Oprah's new book

On the Jan. 18, 2015 edition of Work with Marty Nemko,  my wife Barbara Nemko and I discuss the career lessons offered in Oprah Winfrey's new book, What I Know for Sure." Plus you can call in for a workover. I'll also offer my favorite new career tips.

Work with Marty Nemko is heard every Sunday from 11 AM to noon on KALW, 91.7 FM in the San Francisco Bay Area and worldwide on The podcast is available for a week on the NPR site and in perpetuity on this page.

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Fri April 12, 2013

Call in for a 3-Minute Workover

On the April 28, 2013 edition of Work with Marty Nemko, I devote the entire hour to trying to help you solve your career conundrums. I invite you to call in for a 3-Minute Workovers. In between calls, I offer my favorite new career-related tips and tricks.

Work with Marty Nemko is heard every Sunday from 11 am to noon on KALW, 91.7 FM, San Francisco.

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