Legion of Honor

This week on Open Air, host David Latulippe talks with actors Millie Brooks and Lance Gardner, who play lead roles in the SF Playhouse production of Lucas Hnath’s play ‘The Christians’, described as ‘an unflinching look at faith in America, and its power to unite or divide.’ ‘The Christians’ is directed by Bill English and runs through March 11.

Long ago and far away – in Greece, nearly 3,000 years ago, to be exact – highly-trained athletes gathered every four years at a place called Olympia to show off their skills and to honor Zeus, king of the gods.

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Perhaps you’ve been to an art gallery or museum exhibit where you didn’t... fully understand the artist’s intentions. You know: “My kindergartener could do that” syndrome. Scottish philosopher David Hume put it this way: “When objects of any kind are first presented to the eye or imagination, the sentiment, which attends them, is obscure and confused; and the mind is, in a great measure, incapable of pronouncing, concerning their merits or defects.” [Of the Standard of Taste, 1757]