FSFSF: Mike E. Winfield & Chris Garcia

Nov 17, 2015

This week on FSFSF we spotlight comedy from Mike E. Winfield and Chris Garcia.

Quinn DeVeaux & The Blue Beat Review

Oct 15, 2014

Today's local musician is Quinn DeVeaux & The Blue Beat Review. He calls his sound “blue beat,” but SF Weekly says that, when he sings, it “might as well just be called joy.”  Quinn DeVeaux & The Blue Beat Review will be opening for Megan Slankard on Saturday, the 18th of October at The Great American Music Hall. Music starts at 9:00 pm.  

You've probably been seeing this next band around town for a while, on line-ups at clubs like Bottom of the Hill and The Independent. They've been playing the show circuit for over four years and have a following that stretches as far as London, England.