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With over 300 mass shootings so far this year, you'd think we'd be having a new conversation about guns and gun control. 

Your Call: How should journalists cover mass shootings?

Jun 15, 2017
ABC News

This week we’ll talk about the shootings at a practice for a Republican Congressional baseball team outside of DC. We'll also look at media coverage of mass shootings in general, including yesterday’s shooting at a UPS facility here in San Francisco.

Andy Bosselman


UPS workers returned to the distribution facility this morning, a day after 38-year-old driver Jimmy Lam shot and killed three coworkers before turning the gun on himself.

UPS employee shares insights about San Francisco mass shooting

Jun 15, 2017

When Jimmy Lam opened fire inside a UPS facility in San Francisco's Potrero Hill neighborhood, killing three coworkers and then himself, many other employees escaped without physical harm. But the experience was traumatic.

Your Call: The Pulse LGBT nightclub massacre

Jun 13, 2016
SF chronicle


On the June 13th edition of Your Call, guest host Renee Kemp will open the lines to talk about about the mass shooting in Orlando and its aftermath. 

On the next Your Call, we’ll talk about the recent mass shooting in Colorado and how we should be responding.  There have been 60 mass shootings in the United States since January 2011.  President Obama believes the solution is in better enforcement of existing gun laws.   How have leaders of other nations responded to similar incidents of gun violence?  Join us at 10am PST or post a comment here. What could we do, as a society, to prevent gun violence?  It’s Your Call with Rose Aguilar, and you.