On the July 2, 2014 edition of Your Legal Rights, the topic is Family Law: Alternative Resolution Methods for Divorce including Mediation and Private Judging. Guests: Family Law Attorneys Mark Ressa and Eileen Preville. Listeners with questions for Chuck and his guests, kindly call 415-841-4134. 

Mediation of Employment Law Cases and DisputesGuest: Employment Law Attorney/Mediator Mark Rudy.Listeners with questions for Chuck and Mark Rudy, please call 415-841-4134.

Teaching Mindfulness to At-Risk Kids

Mar 13, 2014


How can mindfulness training address the negative effects of growing up in poverty? City Visions talks with educators and researchers about an innovative program at Stanford that is helping kids address stress through mindfulness and yoga.

Family Law - using alternatives to litigation and traditional mediation for issues in dissolution of marriage.

Family Law attorneys  Esther Rosenfeld, Jill Mondry, Lauren Zorfas, and Mu-En Steeg.

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