Fri May 1, 2015

Inflection Point: Gimme a break!

Sharon Miller

"Can't a girl get a break" 71% of fortune 500 companies provide mentorship programs that help women get ahead--but are they done well?  And more and more women own their own business, but they still lack confidence. We talk to Lauren Mosenthal and Eileen Carey, the founders of Glassbreakers, a peer-to-peer mentoring site; and to Sharon Miller, the CEO of Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center.

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Mon June 3, 2013

Oakland high school students head out of the classroom to solve neighborhood problems

Lizzy Schultz

It’s a Friday afternoon at the MetWest High School gymnasium. Over a hundred students and faculty are gathered for the school’s weekly town hall meeting.

Senior Jose Gomez is at the front of the gym. He’s proposing his thesis project: “So the issue I’m focusing on is many Latino families have a lack of communication between each other. I’m trying to get them strengthened,” says Gomez.

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