Wed April 8, 2015
Arts & Culture

Punjabi-Mexicans in California: A story told through dance

Half and Halves, tells the story of Punjabi-Mexican intermarriages in California at the start of the 20th century.


California has long been a land of possibility. From the Gold Rush to the promise of fertile farmland, people from all over the world have flocked here for the chance at a new life.

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Mon March 2, 2015
Arts & Culture

Tacos and Banh Mi: A match made in heaven

Co-owner Tony Torres cooking Shrimp a la Diabla
Olivia Cueva

On the corner of 14th Avenue and International Boulevard in East Oakland, there's a strip mall with a mini-mart, a laundromat, and then there is Saigon Deli.   

"Welcome! Welcome home," co-owner Tony Torres calls out as people walk in the door. He greets all of his customers this way. 

Behind the counter, his partner, Dieu Ngo, takes orders. 

"Here we have the taco. And the sandwich. Vietnamese sandwich," she tells a first time customer. 

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Thu May 29, 2014
A Patchwork Quilt Saturday 5/31/2014 at 5pm

Radio Flor -- Cascada De Flores

Jorge Liceaga, Kevin Vance, and Arwen Lawrence

Members of Cascada De Flores, a Bay Area folkloric group specializing in music from Mexico and Cuba, will be Kevin's guests this Saturday on A Patchwork Quilt.  They have a new album, Radio Flor, re-enacting the golden age of radio, when everyone you heard, announcers, musicians, actors, poets, and storytellers were always performing live from the studio.  Imagine listening to la estacion XEW in Mexico City or La Cadena Azul en La Habana, Cuba in the 1930s and '40s.

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Wed March 5, 2014
Arts & Culture

The Spot 3.5.14 The dangerous job of journalism in Mexico

Sergio Hara

The State We’re In: “Do the Right Thing” In Mexico, investigative journalism can be a life-threatening profession. Sergio Haro is a veteran reporter for the muckraking Mexican weekly, Zeta.

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