Money Diaries

Money Diaries: When money comes at a cost

Apr 15, 2013
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The Money Diaries is a series of stories featuring young people from Oakland and their relationships with money. Jabari Omari is a high school senior. For Omari, leaving high school comes with an emotional burden few young people have to face. His mother died after a stroke several years ago. In her will, she left him insurance money – but he can’t access it until he’s 21. So until then, he’s applying for college scholarships, and trying to figure out how to become an adult on his own.

Money Diaries: Living at home while finishing school

Mar 13, 2013
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For the next few weeks, KALW News will be presenting stories from young people in Oakland, talking about their relationships with money. It’s part of a collaboration with the Oakland-based nonprofit Game Theory Academy, which works with low-income youth to improve their economic decision-making skills. Independent producer Lisa Morehouse worked with students at Game Theory Academy to record their experiences, in pieces we’re calling Money Diaries. 

Money Diaries: The cost of a breakup

Feb 25, 2013
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The pain of heartbreak is hard enough – but when couples live together, a breakup can have financial implications, too. That’s what happened to La’Trisha Dillon, who goes by Dillon. This is the first story in a series we’re calling “Money Diaries,” in which young people from Oakland talk about their relationships with money.