The Money Diaries

The Money Diaries: Confessions of a Shop-aholic

Apr 8, 2013
Under CC license from Flickr user 401(K)

The Money Diaries is a series in which young people from Oakland explore their relationships with money. Zakiya Jackson is calling her story “Confessions of a Shop-aholic.” She has two jobs to help pay for her shopping habit. For one of them, she gets paid on Fridays, and the money often doesn’t last the weekend. This is her story.

Money Diaries: Next year will be better

Mar 18, 2013

For the next few weeks, KALW News will be presenting stories from young people in Oakland, talking about their relationships with money. It’s part of a collaboration with the Oakland-based nonprofit Game Theory Academy, which works with low-income youth to improve their economic decision-making skills. Independent producer Lisa Morehouse worked with students at Game Theory Academy to record their experiences, in pieces we’re calling Money Diaries. In this segment we meet Caelin Robinson, who is 17 years old.