Mr. Kind

Emily Kiyomi

The music you’re hearing now is from the new release by the band Mr. Kind, from Oakland.

You can hear this and other songs, old and new, when Mr. Kind plays at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco on Friday, August 15th. They are the second of three bands that evening. Music starts at 9:00pm.   

Local Music: Mr. Kind

Oct 31, 2012

Today we're featuring the sounds of Oakland band Mr. Kind. Brian Bergeron, the leader of this group, is from Massachusetts, and he’s still amazed that you can go on tour, drive hundreds of miles, and still be in the same state! But before their California tour begins, the band is playing a special show tomorrow (November 1st) at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. Mr. Kind will be recreating Wilco’s “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” album, note for note.