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Mon September 1, 2014
Arts & Culture

"Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra

Tracey Grose associates this Sinatra standard with a time of love and heartbreak that brought a lot of meaning to her life.

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Mon August 18, 2014
Arts & Culture

"Revival!" by Me Phi Me

For her funeral, Julia Scott pictures her friends and family boogeying down to this upbeat track that she's loved since she was a pre-teen.   


Mon August 11, 2014
Arts & Culture

"You Can Call Me Al" by Paul Simon

For Judy Silber, this Paul Simon song reminds her of camping road trips with her family, and feeling comforted while moving from childhood to early adulthood.

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Mon August 4, 2014
Arts & Culture

"Hotel California" by The Eagles

After many late-night car rides with "Hotel California" on the radio, Mahmoud Khafagy not only began to love the song, but perhaps it became the inspiration for an even bigger trip.

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Mon July 21, 2014
Arts & Culture

"The Fear" by Lily Allen

It's the way Lily Allen's lyrics capture the hectic atmosphere of the human "rat race" that make this song a winner for Dale Stevens.

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