My Mix Tape

What's your favorite song? Or what's a song that holds meaning for you? KALW News has been asking these questions to every person interviewed, and here's what they've found.

Carl Irons of Sausalito, chose this Arlo Guthrie track about railroads, because it helps him focus and stay on track to achieve his long-term goals. 

San Jose's Chuck Reed appreciates the Star Trek theme song, because he appreciates how it focuses on the future and progress.  

"Vocab" by The Fugees

May 19, 2014

Devorah Heitner loves The Fugees' " Vocab," because it represents a strong, female viewpoint about expression and communication.   

Lately, Gregory Hurcomb has been hypnotized by this low-fi, surf rock tune by the Dirty Beaches.   

"Crest" by Stereolab

May 19, 2014

This Stereolab track reminds Robin Grossinger that we, as people, will shape the physical landscapes of our future, whereever it is we'll inhabit.  

"The Real Me" by The Who

May 19, 2014

Berkeley's Peter Skarpelos credits this The Who's drummer, Keith Moon, for helping him and his girlfriend get together.

This song helps Anand Rajarman remember the train trips he took between his home in southern India and his college in the north.

Jody Ames in Albany remembers how lovely it was to receive lyrics of this song from a sweetheart.

The title translates to, "The people are crazy and the time is blurred," but for Oakland's Lillian Maring, it's the distorted bass line and Dutronc's sense of humor that really hook her.

"The A-B-C Song"

Mar 10, 2014

San Francisco's Zachary Schwartz gives us a treat this week. Instead of just playing his Mix Tape selection, he actually sang it!